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Acceptance to iConference 2017

We are proud to announce that our poster has been accepted by iConference!
It will be held in Wuhan, China. We will have our research poster up. If you are attending, feel free to meet us and have a discussion!

The contribution of this research is to expand the dialogue surrounding mobile applications usage by immigrant and answer what factors impact the decision-making processes in terms of applications of particular users within the immigrant communities. We will examine how immigrant adults make decisions in choosing what mobile communication apps to use. Specifically, we hope to answer what makes these mobile communication apps successful in terms of design, functionality, and accessibility for immigrant adults. Our goal is to understand the emotions and motivations of our participants to design a user interface that would accommodate and support their behaviors. We also propose some future work that could further facilitate in the creation of an inclusive app.

Decision Support Systems

We examine the information behaviors and decision making process of immigrant adults to get a better understanding of why certain mobile communicaiton applicaitons are used within the community. Through surveys and interviews, we hope to provide insight into the cognitive processes of immigrant adults.

User Experience Design

When mobile apps do not have a user-friendly interface or have confusing experience design, a significant inequality can develop between users. Studying the user experience design and usability of mobile apps is an imperative part of the reserach project to understand the cognitive behaviors and decisions of immigrant adults when choosing which mobile communication apps to use.

Digital Divide

The immigrant community is one of the many affected by the “digital divide.” However, the prevalence of mobile technology has helped bridge this gap. Mobile technology has increased communication and access to information. However, we want to look further into how the digital divide is affecting populations that are already using technology. In other words, why do some subsets of the population that have access to technology make the decision to use particular applications over others?

Meet Our Team

We are a diverse team of scholars from all over the United States, from Texas to Guam!

Team Member
Cristina Robles Bahm
Cristina received her doctorate degree in Information Systems and Technology from the University of Pittsburgh. She is currently a professor at La Roche College. Cristina hopes to continue to work with i3 students and help them develop into great researchers. She also loves to knit!

Cristina Robles Bahm, PhD

Univeristy of Pittsburgh
Information Systems and Technology

Team Member
Ahmed Abdirahman
Ahmed has interests in computer science, psychology, and linguistics. He aspires to go into the cognitive science field or become a user exerience (UX) designer. Ahmed is expected to graduate in Spring 2019.

Ahmed Abdirahman

Carleton College
Cognitive Science

Team Member
Alexis Ho-Liu
Alexis is an aspiring data scientist. He loves to cook and garden. As a Puerto Rican, he enjoys cooking a nice rice and beans with mofongo dish. Alexis has synesthesia and can speak Chinese, Spanish, and English fluently. Alexis is expected to graduate in Spring 2018.

Alexis Ho-Liu

Syracuse University
Information Management and Technology

Team Member
Diane Lopez
Diane is a graduate of Sociology and Political Science from Texas A&M Univeristy-San Antonio. She hopes to pursue a doctorate degree in Library and Information Sciences. She enjoys participating in the University Institutional Research.

Diane Lopez

Texas A&M University-San Antonio
Sociology and Political Science

Team Member
Ginny Randall
Ginny is a senior majoring in Public Policy with an emphasis in Social Justice and Poverty Alleviation. She hopes to pursue a graduate degree in Public Policy with a focus on Technology Policy and Social Justice. Ginny is expected to graduate in Spring 2016.

Virginia (Ginny) Randall

Vanderbilt University
Public Policy

Team Member
Carlo Sugatan
Carlo is passionate about access to information and using technology and computation for social good. Carlo's research interests are in Usable Security and Privacy and Human Computer Interaction. Carlo is expected to graduate in Spring 2016.

Carlo Sugatan

University of Guam
Computer Science

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